I'm a sixteen year old girl from the Netherlands.
And I normally write fanfictions, but I never finish them. I also really like boybands, especially Korean and British bands. Besides boybands, I also listen to house/dance music.
Enjoy life.

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5sos-official She Looks So Perfect

5SOS Fave Moments: 4/??


when your crush compliments you and he walks away, you just …


I fucked up big time. 


how Ashton Irwin became… SmAsh :D #5sosSmAshComic

I wish I was beside you, in my American apparel underwear, but wherever you are, you’re just a little bit out of my limit.




If you don’t need a dancing Calum on your dash then you’re lying.

If you could put the EXO members into any movie, which movie would it be?


I was watching Dirty Dancing earlier and I could so imagine Kai or Lay being the male lead who teaches a girl to dance as she goes away for the summer. 

That got me thinking about the other members so I’m interested in what other people think. 

Imagine it though… Kai and/or Lay in Dirty Dancing… 

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